Balboa Water Group is proud to introduce the Swim Pro spa control. This newest offering is the result of our never ending pursuit to serve our customers needs. Swim Pro controls utilize the same technology that made Balboa Water Group an industry leader. 


• Low cost solution
• Compatible with BP Spa packs
• Integrated with multiple topside panels
• Multiple pump configurations (2,3 and 4 pumps)
• Ultimax XL pumps are excellent for swim spa applications
• Uniform water flow for a smooth workout experience

How does Swim Pro work?

Our unique plumbing configuration ensures uniform water flow for a smooth workout experience. Swim Pro can be configured with two, three and four pumps. Balboa's Ultimax XL pumps are an excellent choice for swim spa applications. A wide variety of workout modes ensure swimmers achieve their fitness goals.

Integrated Topside Panels

The swimmer's experience is enhanced by several topside panels that provide quick and easy control.


Workout Modes

Timed Workout Mode

Manual Workout Mode

Workout Program Mode

Have a strict exercise regime? 
Timed workout mode is for you. 
Manual Workout mode gives you
maximum water flow control.
Workout program mode offers a wide 
selection of predefined workouts to help
you reach your fitness goals.


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